Our learning concept

The latest know-how

  • Knowledge for experts and apprentices
    on cement and concrete technologies
  • Efficient learning
    anytime, anywhere and at your own speed
  • Single point of information
    through our internet application

Modular and flexible

  • From grinding to shipping
    modular courses along the value chain of cement and concrete
  • Customisable
    flexible assignment of courses
  • Course groups
    for target group specific offers

Clear and attractive

  • Animations
    provide you a deeper insight into how ma-chinery or dynamic processes work
  • Videos and Images
    help you to better understand the subject
  • Cross-media
    Every online course comes with a high-quality printout version.


  • Self-checking questions
    help you to check and monitor your progress.
  • Tests
    Certify your knowledge and comprehension in computer-based online tests.
  • Tutoring
    and coaching by experienced trainers and experts